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Sportsman Awards

The below coaches have been nominated by our GBI family for exemplifying excellent sportsmanship. We love our GBI Coaches!

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Coach Bobby, Head Coach of the Mustang Pirates

One parent submitted the following:
“He is always cheering the boys on even when the odds are not in our favor, he also will stop them in action if he sees them demonstrating poor attitude. He constantly reminds them through out the game to keep the “champion mindset”. Each play is in the past and they have to move forward and keep going. Do not dwell on the past. He makes them run back to the dugout with their heads held high!”

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Coach Mike, Head Coach of the Bronco Orioles.
One coach submitted the following:
“Mike had a few calls go against his team tonight. He handled those difficult calls with the utmost class. He supported his players by speaking to the umpire, yet, did so in a manner in which we want all our coaches to demonstrate. He was calm, approached the umpire and spoke to him as opposed to yelling at him, and accepted the umpire's decision. His team is continuously improving and Mike is doing a great job in his first season as a head coach.”

Coach James, an Assistant Coach of the Pinto Riverdogs.
One parent submitted the following:
“He will make sure a game is called fairly whether or not it benefits his team. He really shows the kids how to be fair and a good sport.”

Coach Dave, Head Coach of the Mustang Reds
One parent submitted the following:
“No matter how the game is going, coach always encourages the kids to do their best. He recognizes when a kid is having a rough game and will give them the words of encouragement needed. We love being on the Reds with Coach David!”

Coach Aaron, Head Coach of the Pinto Blue Rocks
One parent submitted the following:
“Aaron consistently embodies all of the above traits. He goes above and beyond to listen to, support, and encourage every player on the team. He is respectful and encouraging to other coaches and teams as well as to the umpires at each game.”

Coach Nicolle, Head Coach of the Shetland Grizzles.
One parent submitted the following:
“Nicolle told us she is a first time coach but you would NEVER know based on the amount of patience, grace, and kindness she brings to the field every practice or game. Being a coach for 10 4-5 year old very active boys is no easy feat and Nicolle (and her husband Curt) come to games ready to encourage and teach these little ones about kindness, sportsmanship, and the rules of baseball. This is our first year doing Tball and we could not feel more lucky to have coaches with such a positive attitude that show these young kids that baseball can be fun and we can learn life skills at the same time. Thank you Nicolle for your positive impact this season.”

Coach Eric, Head Coach of the Shetland Thunder.
One parent submitted the following: “Coach Eric has such a positive attitude that is contiguous throughout his team. He honestly exhibits all of the traits listed above. The players look forward to every practice and game. He teaches them the game with great patience and encouragement. He goes the extra mile to meet with his team after every game and has individual conversations with his players to encourage and help them improve their play. We could not have asked for a better coach to lead our son’s team.”

Coach Terry, Head Coach for the Bronco Mariners.
One parent submitted the following: “Coach Terry keeps a positive attitude in every situation. He sets a great example for the players and other coaches in how to lead a team, interact respectfully with umpires, and create a positive learning environment for all players.”

Coach Kenny, Head Coach for the Mustang Nationals.
One parent submitted the following: “During practices and games, he is always encouraging the kids to do their best, try hard, and most importantly have fun. Whenever we have a bad inning he tells the players to "forget about that inning, let's focus on the next one. Remember, baseball is supposed to be fun!" Even if we are playing poorly, he is always telling the kids good job and not yelling at players or umps.”


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